ABOUT US – Berlin Rising Up

„Berlin steht auf“ („Berlin Rising Up“) is not a new initiative, it is a fact: like many other people in Germany we are rising up against the corona restrictions and taking action to reinstate our basic rights, as they are set down in our constitution, the Grundgesetz.

Our focus is on the following activities:

  • We are fundamentally interested in objectivity and factual debate in the present political situation. To this end we organise peaceful forms of public dialogue.
  • To be a link between great initiatives and individuals, who are currently not afraid to ask the right questions. We want to be a compass to lead you to the right organisation for you.
  • To support people in Berlin by helping them to be active, also locally and independant from existing groups. In Berlin we have already organised demonstrations and supported various initiatives in many ways.

Our focal point is the individual, with his or her good ideas and personal engagement. Therefore we abstain from highlighting any one particular person. We welcome everyone who wants to go this way with us.

It goes without saying, that we want to work together with everyone who shares the values of our constitution, regardless of gender, origin, background, religion, social standing, or political convictions.
But it is equally clear that we distance ourselves from all radicals and extremists, who want to destroy democracy, our constituion, and our state, or who question their legitimacy. We want to return to the constitutional standing of February 2020, not to move further from it.

We work closely with our partner initiative „Menschen stehen auf“ („People Rising Up“).

(Many thanks to N. for providing the translation.)